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24 Days of TTL: Day 20

Summer makeup is my absolute favourite. As I have been sitting at home recovering from a recent surgery I have spent a whole lot of time watching Youtube videos and consequently dwindling down my bank account.

So that being said, I wanted to share with you some of the products that I have recently bought from recommendations and tell you what I think is worth it and what is not.

There are a couple of requirements I need in Summer makeup. They are pretty simple. Bronze, glow and staying power.


The first product is the Wet n Wild Foundation. This is SO highly raved about online. The only downside is the smell as it is very similar to paint thinner. Yeah I know. BUT the price is brilliant and so is the formula. It is thin and I would call it a natural radiant finish. It isn’t overly dewy but certainly isn’t on the matte side either. It is one of those right down the middle foundations. This foundation ticks all the boxes, however, needs to be set down with powder. If I don’t, I won’t have too much of it on my face by the end of the day.

The RCMA no colour powder is one of those cult products in the beauty world. It is so good at setting your under eye concealer without adding any heaviness. To be honest, I think it is one of the best powders I have ever used. On the other hand, it has the worst packaging. It is like a freaking oregano bottle. I actually have since bought a new powder container off eBay for no money at all and transferred the powder in. I also have the Makeup Revolution banana baking powder which I love too. It keeps my face on all day and feels nice and light weight. Just be aware though that this is only good on medium to deep skin tones. On paler skin tones it will just look yellow. Probably not something you’re going for. Finally the Colourpop pressed powder is a nice affordable option if you’re after one. It does the job and it far cheaper than a Revlon or Loreal option too.


Now for concealers. Yay! Being maybe the most important product in my makeup arsenal, I am very picky. I find that with a tan in Summer I don’t even need much on my skin but I always look for some concealer under my eyes. The NARS natural radiant concealer is exactly as its name is. It is so smooth and has such good lasting powers. I doesn’t even need to be set if you aren’t concerned about sweating as I find it won’t crease. The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is another popular one world wide. It is so affordable yet so good. It is maybe one of the best products for lightening up my under eyes. I can use a tiny amount in my dark spots and not have to put anything else on at all. Finally there is the Makeup Revolution concealer. This one is Youtube famous. On the contrary though, I really dislike it. I find it doesn’t wear well on me at all and actually makes me look like I have odd texture on my under eyes. I kept trying to make it work but just can’t. I have even bought it in a much deeper shade to use as a cream contour or bronzer. That still, however, isn’t my favourite product. I much prefer the Clinque chubby stick.


On the topic of bronzers I have a couple of newbies too. I grabbed a ColourPop bronzer. This product is pretty good. All of their shades are pigmented and in a matte formula. It is therefore good for defining my face but I do need something over the top to add a little more glow. The last bronzer product is the Physicians Formula butter bronzer. This stuff is gold. It is a powder but to the touch is so smooth, buttery and feels like a cream. I love this and will be using it throughout all the seasons.

I recently did a post on all the new brow products that I have purchased. Check it out here. To reiterate the Colourpop brow gel isn’t my favourite as I am a slave to the Anastasia Beverley Hills gel. On the other hand, I love the Colourpop pencil. It is just as good as the ABH and Benefit pencils yet a fraction of the cost.


The Marc Jacobs Omega Glaze highlighter is everything you need if you want to glow this Summer. I find that it works best with a really fluffy brush swept across my skin. With a more precise and densely packed brush it shows a little too much on my skin tone. However, it would be fine for deeper skin tones though. I think it looks bloody brilliant brushed over your collarbones and shoulders too.

For blush I only have the Tarte Amazonian Clay. This is perhaps the longest wearing blush I have ever used. It is also waterproof which is a huge plus in the Summertime. Winter time too I guess. I really think this line of blushes is worth it.


Finally, we have setting spray. I bought the Milani Make It Last spray under Youtube guidance. Setting sprays are really very overpriced in the beauty world so trying to find one that actually prolongs your makeup at an affordable price is hard work. This one, however, does the job. Not only does it have an exceptional mist that melts your makeup in evenly, it actually makes your face stay on! Hoorah!

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