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24 Days of TTL: Day 18

It’s day 18! My golly gosh it has been flying past! Yesterday I shared with you part 1 of my ┬álast minute gift ideas. Check it out here! Anyway, today I am sharing part 2. So here we go…

Decorators cushion. This is another one of those ‘everyone wants them but people don’t buy for themselves’ item. I think this is such a unique gift idea that most people would love! If you don’t exactly know their style then just go with a neutral colour with an interesting texture. It will go somewhere in the house whether it is the couch, bed or side chair.

Subscription box. This is a very 2018 gift. I love this idea. There are so many subscription services these days and I think the gift that keeps on giving is one that everyone will enjoy. I especially love the beauty ones, K beauty in particular. However, there really is one for everyone. Wine, undies, Japanese candy and everything else in-between!

Monogrammed anything. I love personalised bits! I don’t think its a trend that is passing anytime soon either. You really can get anything done these days too. Phone cases, mugs, hats, wallets and key chains till the heart desires. A few sites to check out are Daily Edited which are great for leather items, Keep It Personal for clothing and phone cases and Anthropology for jewellery and dinnerware.

Pop socket. This is a great little Kris Kringle gift. These change peoples lives. So I hear anyway. It doesn’t really fit on the back of my rubber Christmas tree case at the moment. But I do love the amazing designs that they come in! I want a donut one myself.

Indoor garden. This is the present that everyone will love and it forever keeps giving. There are a few options; a cactus, terrarium or an indoor plant. What a way to dress up a place to make it a home! No one isn’t going to like receiving one of these. They are really easy to find these days and can be done on any budget. Something about a plant just seems so thoughtful.

Cook books. Buy these and store them to gift to people. They are the perfect thing to have sitting in your cupboard to give as last minute presents for birthdays, house warmings and even a ‘thank you for hosting us’. The book that we seem to be giving out the most lately is Ottolenghi’s Simple. I also want to get my hand on Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings- Hungry for more. Finally for a younger person, I have been loving Cordially Invited written by Youtube sensation Zoe Sugg. It has some great recipes as well as so many tips and tricks for hosting and other seasonal fun.

Outrageous slippers. Ok these ones might not be for everyones taste but wow I would be happy to receive. They will definitely put a smile on someones face that’s for sure. Dragons, french bulldogs, burgers with fries and everything in between! ASOS has some great ones as will you local Kmart, Primark and Target. Again this is a gift that will make someone smile at every age!

Earphones. These are such a good gift as everyone can probably use a pair and they are great for both sexes. There are so many different variants these days for your needs. Big noise cancelling for travel, air pods for daily use or ear wrap arounds for exercise. I actually saw online another cool type the other day; ear muff headphones. For those of you in the colder climates walking outside. Now you no longer have to choose between entertainment or frozen ears. Brilliant I say.

That’s it for my 2018 gift guide!

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