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24 Days of TTL: Day 17

It is that time of year that we hope we have done our present shopping but inevitably there is someone we have forgotten about or someone who you are in sudden need of buying a present for. I keep a list of general present ideas in my phone. I find this so useful for occasions like this when you think eeeek what on earth am I going to buy? It is a really long list so I am breaking it down into two parts so let me share my part 1 with you today.

Phone cases. These are one of the biggest loves of my life. I adore the over the top crazy, animated and rubber types. However, if you have someone that isn’t into something so over the top, then maybe a life proof phone case? People love these and they can be around $25-$50 mark. Therefore it is something that people might want but never buy for themselves.

Shower speaker. We don’t do anything without technology these days so why would we want to shower without? Podcasts or music whatever you like can enhance your shower time with a waterproof shower speaker.

HP sproket. This one is a little more expensive but I am personally desperate to get my hands on one. We take so many photos these days yet they just remain on our camera roll. With the HP sprocket you can easily print them out and even get the type with a sticky back to start your own photo album or scrap book.

Hair drying wrap. This thing has changed my life. Placing your wet hair up in a towel is annoying. It is heavy and it always falls down. Anyway, if you’re looking for a cheap and massively useful present these things are so much better for your hair in that they don’t pull and break your strands. Furthermore they really increase the rate at which your hair dries. This one is a goldmine.

Sunscreen. This doesn’t sound like a very exciting present but give me a second. A good face sunscreen with good ingredients is not only hard to find but can be expensive. I love this as a gift idea because you can really help someone be more educated on the nasties in a whole lot of sunscreens and give them something so nice that they will put it on their skin everyday. I wrote a post on it earlier in the year. Check it out here. Something like Go To Zincredible, Josie Argan sunscreen, Tarte tarteguard and It Cosmetics CC cream is a good idea.

Pyjamas. Everyone can appreciate a good pair of pjs. It is a simple but practical gift for every age and sex. Also every budget too. Some want the silky sexier type and others warm flannels. Me? Well give me anything with a fun print on them. ASOS is such a good place to have a browse. They are so fun, a great price and you will be able to express ship them in time for Chrissy if you get in quick!

Books. Books are an obvious one. Everyone needs them and everyone should have them. I recently wrote a post on all the books on my ‘to read’ list for these holidays. Have a browse here and see if anything leaps out at you.

There you have it. See you with part 2 tomorrow!

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