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24 Days of TTL: Day 16

It’s tree day! Today I’m giving you a quick tree tour because I freaking love it!


I grabbed a photo of Pinterest earlier in the year that had loads of flowers through the tree and thought holy moly I need that in my life! So then became the enchanted garden theme for my decorations this year. If you saw an earlier post on picking out my tree, you will know that I freaking love my tree and have therefore been VERY excited to decorate it!


I ordered most of my decorations months in advance off Ebay this year. It is maybe the cheapest way of getting interesting pieces in bulk for such a cheap price. I ordered lots of roses and peonies in both pinks and whites. The larger ones stayed in the tree really well but the smaller ones, to be honest, are a nightmare. They didn’t come with any sort of stem so can’t really stick out of the tree and therefore just roll around onto the floor for my dog to eat up. Lesson learnt.


I then ordered little gold and silver leaves which are so cute! They have wire stems so are really easy to wrap around the branches. However, I am concerned out the difficulty of removing them when it comes to tree disposal time. Anyway, not a problem for today.

To enhance the enchanted garden theme I incorporated some rose gold glittered bird like  animals and again some glittered flowers.


I went to Kmart and got my baubles this year. They had a marvellous pack of dusty pinks, silvers, mint greens and some whites. I love the colour combination. It is fresh and classy yet not too heavy being a Summer Christmas.


Finally I have some lovely lights wrapped around. I had some serious dramas tracking down WARM white lights this year. I tried Target, Big W AND Kmart and they all only had cool lights. Finally, however, I got some warm ones at Bunnings. I just think warm white look so much cosier around a tree.The blue colour that cool white lights throw off just don’t ever work well with my decorations. However, we managed to get there in the end!


And just like that; there is my tree folks! Enjoy the perve!

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