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24 Days of TTL: Day 13

It is Day 13 of The Lottie Lu 24 Days of Christmas and there is nothing unlucky about it!

Every year I make rocky road to eat and sometimes gift as little Christmas treasures.

Earlier this year I came across a picture of rocky road bark and thought yes yes yes that’s what I’ll be making this year!


I gave it a go and I love it. Rocky road can sometimes get quite bulky and a little too much if you know what I mean? Messy of sorts. Anyway bark is by far the best solution. It looks much better visually and is far easier to eat.


Anyway all I did was melt two jumbo blocks of chocolate, pour the chocolate on a large baking tray evenly, place some chopped in half some marshmallows, sprinkle over some crushed pistachios and coconut shavings and place it in fridge until set. Finally, break up the rocky road bark with your hands so it tears naturally for that rustic hand made vibe.


This looks so good served up on a piece of baking paper on a wooden board. Otherwise a few shards in some cellophane to gift!

What sweet treats are you making this Christmas?

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