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24 Days of TTL: Day 11

It’s Day 11 of The 24 Days of Christmas!!

Today is about the big old pork sucker.


Maybe the piece that has caused the most stress in the common household on Christmas day. Is it burnt? Is it cooked? Why hasn’t the skin crackled????!!!!

Well I will have you know that I have found the EASIEST pork recipe known to man and have it absolutely perfected!


Sage, garlic and pork oh my! Donna Hay has done it again. Check out the recipe here.

This one is super simple. Just whack it in the oven upside down for three hours at 160c fan forced and then turn it over, crank up the oven to 180c and cook for another 30 minutes. I did this method with a 2.3kg piece of boneless pork belly. It was so caramelised and actually melted in my mouth.


I had the pan covered in garlic and added some sage when I turned the pork over. The garlic bits went black so I didn’t eat those but you could really taste the flavour embedded throughout. You could absolutely get creative with your flavours though. Just keep the cut and method the same to ensure pork perfection every time!


Don’t forget to share with me your Christmas Day pork!

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