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24 Days of TTL: Day 10

We are officially in the double digits people!! Day 10 is here and it is all about the perfect red and green side.


Most people will have the traditional turkey and pork at Christmas time. There isn’t much allowance for variation with the main meats for the big family lunch and dinners. This is why I love the sides. There is so much room for creativity, variety and excitement with the sides for your food parties.

I really like turning a classic dish on its head. I’ll be showing you a take on the classic potatoes later on. However, in the meantime I’ll be sharing some Christmas beans.

It is super simple. Here it is.


Beans and pomegranate seeds. TA DA. I’m a genius. Actually, add a knob of butter in too.

I love this dish. Everyone needs a green and the punch of citrus with the crunch as you burst the pomegranate seed is a true pleasure to have.

The best thing about it, on the other hand, is that it looks bloody brilliant on your table! So Christmasy and so delicious!



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