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24 Days of TTL: Day 8

Hola! I can’t believe how quickly we have gone through this week! Eeeeeeek it makes me nervous for the best time of year to be over.

It is often the only big break most of us get throughout the year…after Christmas that is. The time to relax should really be indulged in. With this being said, I often write up reading recommendations sharing goodies I have read throughout the year. However, this time I am going to share books that I have taken down over the course of the year. I freaking love a reading list. EVERY single one I see I take down notes and print screen book names on my phone. As you might have a moment to yourself over the coming break I thought I would share with you my big old list. See if something jumps out at you or might even jump out as a gift for someone else. As I haven’t read these books I can’t give you a description so I’m just going to be sharing the titles with you. Do let me know what you choose!



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