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24 Days of TTL: Day 7

Another day means another Christmas post!

Christmas can be such a time of excess. There is a lot of waste and not a whole lot reuse.

SO today, as I promised earlier on in my 24 days, I wanted to share a couple of ways you could reuse some of the things we previously spoken about to make your house even better!

IMG_9247I love a great front entrance at this time of year! A door and hallway that signifies YES IT’S CHRISTMAS makes me so freaking happy. I always want to make people feel at home, festive and all round jolly when they walk in my door.

That being said, let me share a couple of ways I have done that this year.


The first is a little treat to feed your guests. I lay out the gingerbread that we made earlier on. Check out the easiest recipe ever here. I also put some little fairy lights around it to add some drama and warmth to the scene.

Candles are also super important. Christmas scents can change the vibe at home. To be honest I struggle with Christmas scents. A lot of them are just way to sickly sweet for me. The cult around Bath and Body Works? It honestly makes me quite ill. ANYWAY, plain candles work for ambiance and anything that has a plain vanilla or even a pine smell makes me happy at this time of year. So don’t underestimate the power of what candles can do to a first impression when entering your home. Get them out and get lighting.

Next, I have some lush greenery. Festive flowers are another way to add a homey vibe. See something with red berries? Snap it up I say! I also love bushy greens and Australian natives at this time of year. In fact, the best thing about the natives is that in our hot climate at the moment flowers aren’t lasting very long. However, natives look brilliant even once they have dried up! They just keep looking better and better whilst lasting longer and longer. How fab!

IMG_9273Another quick and easy way to Christmas up your home is to use your left over baubles. Get a side dish or bowl of sorts and fill it up! It really is the easiest way to decorate around your home. I took a collection of ornaments that I knew I wouldn’t be using on my tree. It is a great way to get the most out of old decorations. I really love the effect it gives off.

Finally, I have placed a few dehydrated oranges around my side table. The aroma is delicious. You get an instant whiff of the orange as soon as you open the door. I teach you how to make these beauties here.  I got a piece of green snowy looking tinsel and wrapped it around a tray. I then added a few slices to make it look as if the oranges are growing off the vine. I love how it turned out.


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