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24 Days of TTL: Day 5

Ello! Welcome to the fifth day of the 24 days of The Lottie Lu!

Today I’m sharing something I have produced and been LOVING this silly season.

Dehydrated oranges!


I’m going to encourage that you make these this year and I will be posting and sharing different ways to incorporate them into your December.


All you need to do is slice off the ends and then slice the oranges into around half centimetre slices. Make sure you leave a whole in the middle. If there isn’t one naturally created then put one in with a knife.


You are then going to want to put them in your oven at its lowest setting. My oven went down to 50 degrees and this was perfect. Your slices are going to then need to be in your oven for at least 12 hours. Mine were actually more like 24 hours but different ovens require different lengths of time. Basically what you’re wanting to achieve is to have your oranges entirely dried out so that they won’t grow mould from left over juice.


A little tip: turn your slices over a few times throughout your bake to ensure they don’t go brown. If your slices start turning brown before they have dried out then leave your oven door ajar.


These traditionally have always been for the northern climate. People make garlands with oranges and cinnamon and leave them on their radiators. What this results in is the most incredible aroma. However, Southern hemisphere people shall not miss out!


These make the cutest garlands themselves. They also still have the most incredible seasonal smell to them. Hang them around your tree, above your stove and anywhere in between. Add pinecones to them if you please too! It creates that cosy feel that we love at this time of year.


Like I said earlier, I am going to be sharing a few ideas of how to add these oranges into your life over the next few weeks! SO get dehydrating and be ready!

See you tomorrow!

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