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Day 4: The Lottie Lu Shop Capsule II

It is day 4 galore! I hope you’re enjoying the daily content so far.

Today I’m sharing with you The Lottie Lu Shop Capsule II. This time I am taking you to Morocco!

As some of you may or may not know, last year I opened a pop up online shop and sold a collection of goods from a recent trip to Mexico. The idea was born as I was strolling remote streets in remote towns that were filled with so much colour and life. The pieces that the local people were making were so cool yet different to anything I had seen before that I knew I needed to bring it home.


I decided to launch another website in partnership with my blog – The Lottie Lu Shop.


I truly connect with each piece that I bring home. I’m very conscious to make sure that each shop owner I connect with and understand the product entirely. From listening to the locals in places like Mexico, Turkey and Morocco, you learn about international factories opening up and mass producing products for the tourist market. They are copying the local trade and entirely ripping them off.


For this reason I am enjoying keeping the collections small, buying what locals can produce themselves. The authenticity of the product means corners are not cut and therefore the quality is significantly better.


I generally make it a rule to buy one of everything so that the uniqueness is even more amplified back home. My favourite thing is to have people ask me what I’m wearing and being able to answer back with something interesting. I take pride in putting together my outfits from my travels. Having pieces on your body curated from around the world really makes me feel individual in my style. So taking this notion into my shop, you can be sure to transfer it into your purchases.


Capsule II is filled with even more magic than the one prior. For the first time I have delved into shoes. These are the shoes that the locals wear everyday. The slide is pretty popular in the western world but I have never seen it in the way that the Moroccans do it. This is my favourite way to dress; wearing something that is on trend but turning it on its head. It makes it seem cleverer or something, like your one step ahead of the masses. These slippers have exactly that vibe to them. Whether your a classic minimalist and like plain colours or a colour and pattern lover like me, there is something for you. I really tried to pick a range of patterns and textures so that there is something for everyones taste.


Next there are the straw bags. These are the least unique product, yet are probably the most universal. The beach type bags from the last collection were snapped up very quickly so I couldn’t resist bringing some more straw back. It is actually a pretty cool sight to see in the souks of Morocco. Ladies are lined up sitting on upside down buckets hand making all of these bags. You can ask them to do them in anyway you like and with any embroidery. These bags are the perfect gift for anyone who you’re not sure what they might like. Everyone likes these and everyone needs them. They are going to be the perfect bag to throw your bits in this Summer.


Finally we have the embroidered clutches. These are the most spectacular bags I have ever seen. Some are even antique wedding blankets made up into bags. Each wedding blanket is handmade and is unique to the wedding. Therefore not only are these unique in your country but you there will be no identical bag in Morocco. There are also clutches made out of traditional rugs. Again these are hand made, involving such amazing craftsmanship. I struggle to work out which is my favourite and to be honest I don’t want to sell any of them as I want them all for myself. These are undoubtably a spectacular gift that any lucky person would cherish. These are so different to anything else you see in stores, so purchase for the person who loves to accessorise with something different.


I can’t reiterate enough that once a product is gone, that it is gone forever. If you are contemplating purchasing something then I wouldn’t wait on it. Head to to have a squiz and see if anything takes your fancy.


See you tomorrow.

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