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24 Days of TTL: Day 2

It’s day 2 of the 24 days of The Lottie Lu! It is kind of making me sad to be honest. It really is the best time of year and I hate to think about it being over. I love getting crafty around this time of year. Making my own decorations to tie in with a theme is one of my greatest joys.

I find by adding just a few extra ornaments or changing up your lights can really make your house look completely different to the year before… even if the base features are the same as year prior. For example I have base colour tree ornaments of silver and rose gold, and I manage to use these every year but make the theme very different. Last year I went for a rustic Scandinavian vibe and this year is completely different. You will get to see that in a few days time.

As I said previously, one of the easiest ways to do this is through lights. So, today I’m sharing with you how to make one wreath work in three different ways with just changing up the lights.

I have this brilliant wreath down below. I bought it at Kmart and I really like that it folds out to be quite thick and luscious. It provides the perfect base to shooz up. Let me take you through three different themes that you could turn this wreath into.



Everyone loves a classic decoration theme. Think kitsch, think 80s pops of colour and think Grandma’s house. Everyone loves to keep things clean and simple nowadays. However, there really is something I love about a classic and colourful theme. I got these lights at BigW. They are actually little reindeers which are super cute! Being battery operated you can wrap them around and have them cheering up your front door for the whole of December.


This one is going to be very popular. For a good reason too. These lights are from Kmart and yet they look super luxe. They are little rose gold lantern-esc lights that shine up such a gorgeous warm colour. Rose gold is really popular these days so something like this will act as the perfect taste of what is to come once your guests enter your home. I actually added some tiny baubles in the same colour but different textures. Some in sparkles, matte and shiny surfaces. I really love the dimension and look of luxury it adds. It’s a keeper.


This wreath makes me squeal! I freaking love love love it. These pom pom lights leapt out off the shelf at Bunnings and into my basket VERY quickly. They have little iridescent shimmers to them which makes them so pretty when they sparkle. Being from Australia, I’ve never seen a white Christmas so this is about as good as we get. However, I can only imagine for those of you lucky enough to have one how cool this would look on your front porches. Imagine some light snow dustings on the ground and then this up on your door? Eeeeeek that gets me excited. Everyone deserves a White Christmas and this is how most of us are going to get it!

What are you doing to your wreath this year? I would love to know how you plan to decorate your front door… See you tomorrow!

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