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24 Days of TLL: Day 1

Yay yay yay!! It is the 1st of December which means it is officially Christmas, although I have been in full elf mode for a few weeks already, AND it is the first day of Summer for us down under.

There is SO much excitement to be had in the lead up to Christmas for a few reasons. The first being you know Christmas, obviously. The second, last year I did the classic 12 days of Christmas and this year we are doing 24 FREAKING DAYS! Yep, that means 24 days of Christmassy content coming to you right here. You can expect food, style, vibes and gift guides till your hearts are content…also stomachs because there will be a lot of filling out those things. AND THIRDLY, The Lottie Lu Shop is coming back next week! This capsule collection is bigger and more colourful than ever! It has all been hand selected in Morocco and just like last time, there is one of everything so once it has gone it is gone. Anyway more on that later skater.

TODAY I bring you something I have never done before and I’m squealing because it has honestly brought me so much seasonal joy. For the first time ever I went to a Christmas tree farm! Let me take you through my experience.


So it started out great when we had barely driven a few streets away from home and we drove past this hilarious thing. Yeah, I had to do a double take too. Doggo in the drivers street. Hilarious. Anyway, we drove on.


I kind of loved that it was a little bit chilly and over cast last Saturday as it meant it made the whole experience just a little bit cosier. Whilst I love Summer, I do get jealous of the North being able to get their fireplaces going, lighting candles and making homes all the more cosier at this time of year. A Christmas tree and bikini just sometimes doesn’t have the same festive charm. ANYWAY. Being able to wear pants and a jumper made me very happy on this overcast day for such a festive activity. I may have even purposefully put on my fluffy red H&M jumper as I knew it would be brilliant for a green contrast and festive vibe.


I have only ever picked up my tree from the local scouts before which is nice I guess, but actually going out to a farm is a whole new ball game. We entered a farm with rows and rows of baby Christmas trees. How cute do they look!


And then of course there are the big boys that really get you going. One thing we were quick to learn is that they look a whole lot bigger in the field than they do at home. What you think will work perfectly in your back room turns out to be a 10ft high tree at the farm. The photo below shows some of the big boys.


But it was SO much fun walking around and being extra picky about what tree will suit. Shape, colour, fullness and all in between are scrutinised. After about 30 minutes of walking around, myself hobbling (yep, still on crutches), I FOUND THE ONE!!


Nope that’s not it. Second choice but see that little diagonal gap through the middle of the tree? Yeah you can see how luxuriously picky you get to be with such variety.



I was thrilled!! It fit all my criteria and was the perfect height that I needed of 8 foot!


All that was left to do was wave down the lovely chainsaw men who sliced down my baby. To be honest it actually does feel a little brutal as you feel you’re taking it away from it’s friends. But anyway you get over that pretty quickly. They were so nice and helpful (told me I had picked a beauty too!)


The best part was they then put my tree through a netting machine which makes it WAY easier to carry (not that I did any of that) and means there was way less prickles dragged through the house. You just put it in the stand and then cut the netting out. Below you can see my tree beautifully laid and ready for my home.


I cannot recommend this experience more. Have a Google of your local Christmas tree farm and get on it. If you’re in Melbourne then I can’t recommend Port’s Christmas Tree Farm enough. These are the details below…


I mean just look at all the choices! I have had so many tree picking experiences that really just don’t have the best looking trees. Bald patches and weird thick bits are now a thing of the past! Farms are the way of the future!! I can’t wait to show you my finished tree though. See you tomorrow for day 2…


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