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YSL Museum

Whilst in Marrakech I visited Yve Saint Laurent’s Summer home. Wow wow wow. This place is so unreal. In the midst of some very busy streets is this little oasis. After his passing he left it behind to the city and remains as a very popular tourist attraction. You step out of the screaming main drag into this little paradise. I’ve never been to Palm Springs but this is what I imagine it to be like. Bright and colourful with many a cactus in sight. The royal blue with hints of canary yellow architecture make this place just so freaking happy to be around.

Honestly, after this trip I decided that I need to build a house with the same era inspiration and have an enormous cactus garden.

We got there around 10am and found it not to be too crowded. After about 45 minutes it was started to fill out however, so I suggest you get there in the earlier half of the day.

I wanted to wear something colourful but still respectful of the culture. I ended up wearing a wrap dress I had just picked up in Primark in Edinburgh making it a kimono. I’ve paired it with ASOS flared olive pants that were so light weight and comfortable for this trip. The heart T-shirt is also from Primark, my bag from Julia Keys and I have Saltwater sandals on my feet.

Have a look through the photos and hopefully it gets a place on your travel bucket list.

Ps I’m framing the first photo. It is one of my favourites from this trip!


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