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Fashion Trends SS19

Throughout every fashion month I watch and take notes of all the major shows. I look for trends before I’ve read about them. I like being able to be a little more organic, realising my interpretation before being bombarded with the masses. This way I find that I’m able to interpret the trends with a little bit of a twist. Being in Australia generally means seeing the trend 6 months to a year before it hits our stores. That’s the one thing I don’t like about our Southern Hemisphere. If you’re a fashion die hard then you want to wear the trends straight away. They appear on the northern Hemisphere humans relatively quickly but by the time the season has rolled around to us I feel as though it is so done. I’ve seen everyone notable wear it and now every second Australian is too.

So this season (Spring Summer 2019) I thought I would share my notes for those who care. Those who want to be a little bit ahead of the pack. Those who don’t want to wait until every Tom, Dick and Harry are wearing the trend that it no longer seems trending as it seems passΓ©. Don’t interpret me wrong though, there’s nothing wrong with dressing to the masses. You’re well in the majority. But for the creatively possessed who are always looking for a new way to express themselves, then this piece is for you. Don’t mind my casual writing. I have literally copied over my phone notes to this post, where I have written words as I saw it. You know, for a sense of organic-ness.

Trends :

Clashing prints. Paco Rabanne. Dolce and Gabbana came out with a refreshing new perspective on the brand. Inclusivity celebrated age, race and size. Versace like DG on steroids. Oscar Del La Renta is more wearable. Bright colours but the smoother texture makes it softer on the eye. Louis Vuitton did a lot of blue scenery like prints with metallics bringing together something street style like but futuristic.

Clashing Prints

Biker shorts are still in. Mugler. Fendi. Even Chanel. Clearly no longer only for the American youth. Done in prints at Stella Mccartney. Scuba diving vibes at Fenty X Puma

Biker Shorts

Leopard excess. Ysl. Gucci. New take on the traditional Burberry trench. Giambattista Valli paired with stark white- brought out the texture of the print.

Leopard Excess

Embellished. YSL disco meets woodstock. Gucci with sequins and mirrors, looks like kids playing in the dress up trunk. Giambattista Valli with sequin suit. Valentino had so much light catching on their shiny dresses. Kira Kira made redundant. Texture, colour, texture, colour.


80s silhouette. Structured shoulders. Defined waist. Make a triangle. Ysl. Mugler. Gucci but less wearable. Jacqumas. Fendi did it with shirts then tucked into pencil skirts. Marc Jacobs but in a surprising feminine silhouette for the brand. Louis Vuitton defined bold shoulders into over sized puff sleeves done in a street and non power suit kinda of way. Givenchy had a similar take with the 80s shoulders in a flowing softer silhouette for the sleeves.

80s Silhouette

Neon pops. Sporting street style. Ellery. Jacqumas neon power suit. Versace goes over load. Valentino with intense pops of colour. Neon sporting 90s at Fenty X Puma.


Considered casual. Decadent bohemian. Accessories at Chloe. Jacqumas had a Hamptons X St Tropez rolling from the beach to restaurant vibe. Casual and relaxed textures at Missoni. Similar vibe with Michael Kors. Beach to city but more out there. Chanel had a beach setting- somehow made tweed look relaxed. Styling with flip flops in hand. Effortlessly expensive. Same with Valentino… never thought casual could be in it’s vocabulary but they showed real restraint with a more wearable show. Relaxed fittings again paired with frayed sandals.

Considered Casual

Oversized handbags. Jacqumas. Fendi- plush material, Stella McCartney with a new monogrammed symbol. Done in a sporting neoprene bag. Should be worn tucked under the arm. Little bags are now gone, unless it’s two little bags layered. Heading back to old Mary-Kate and Ashley era.

Oversized Bag

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