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Go To Skincare

Go-To Skincareย Veryย Useful Face Cream is created by my fave beauty guru and general kick ass woman, Zoe Foster Blake. Blake’s brand started as a purely ecommerce store in Australia but has since expanded to over 400 stores in Sephora US. I have tried a lot of her line, and today I’m going to chat to you about her moisturiser.

I first bought this cream when it was announced, and it was then being realised in a 100ml tub, rather than a smaller squeezy tube. For some reason I didn’t want to buy the smaller product, you know to first test it out before I committed to the bigger portion, so alas I clicked add to cart on the 100ml.

GTFC100_1I like that the brand has a no fuss, simplistic ethos. It is actually quite similar to Glossier in that they both sport cute white and peachy pink packagings. You also get develop a brand trust where the goal is to shop the entire brand, rather than shopping around for different products. However, where Glossier delves into makeup, for now Go-To is purely skin care.

I had already tried and finished the Pinkey-Nudey lip balm and loved it, so I had high hopes for the face cream. At $72 it is more than I ever like to spend on one skincare item, so it needed to tick every single box.

Here are the claims and my breakdown of the product…


  • all skin types
  • hydrates and soothes inflammation
  • prevents wrinkle creasing
  • good under makeup

The ingredient list for me is its biggest selling point:

  • plant derived oils such as avocado, apricot and almond
  • butters like mango and shea
  • antioxidants
  • no petroleums, parabens, synthetic colours, fragrances or animal testing

I don’t mind a few of the naughty list in my makeup, with the exception of animal cruelty, as I really struggle to like natural makeup. They just aren’t producing products that do the job that I want. On the other hand, in my skincare I want ingredient perfection. Something needs to act as a barrier to what my makeup has in it.

GTFC100_3So lets break down the claims. It does dry down surprising well and is by far the most hydrating moisturiser I have used. So therefore the claim of all skin types? I’m surprised by this one. There is no argument that this cream is thick. It works wonders on dry patches, of which I can have a few. ย I would describe my skin as a complicated; mostly normal on the dry to oily scale, however prone to sensitivity and lately prone to blemishes. Once my blemishes die down, they tend to turn dry and this stuff is great for that. However, when I am having proper breakouts I don’t like to use this product as much. As I said it’s thick, so I’m yet to have the trust in it to put so much product into my already oiled skin. If you have dry, unblemished or sensitive skin though, this stuff will be gold for you. I would, however, be interested in peoples’ opinions if you have a constant oily complexion and whether you get on with it?

I’m going to skip over the claim to reduce wrinkles. I never take this claim on products in all seriousness as I have never been able to see a difference. The day that someone can say that one product without the combination of laser, botox or any other intervention actually helps reduce their wrinkles, I’ll fall off my chair. But hey, if they want to make the claim and believe in it; I’m happy to keep slapping it on my face, as long as they are making some other claim too.

As for wearing well under makeup? They don’t lie. This stuff is super hydrating, making my face look refreshed and glowy all day. Blake has also just released a moisturiser SPF product that is not only a physical SPF but wears under makeup well (this is hard for physical sunscreens to do). I cannot wait to get my hands on this product and layer the two. I have high hopes.

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