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I’m Back

I’ve been gone. Well I have been somewhere, but that place certainly hasn’t been online. Boy have I spent hundreds of hours as an online watcher, but I have not had an online presence.

You may have seen on my instagram that I recently had an amazing trip to Europe. The main purpose of this was to go and set up some business connections for the next pop up of The Lottie Lu Shop. This was a success. Big WHOOOOOP! Get ready for some really cool stuff coming up in the second half of the year.

However, on my return home I had a pre-scheduled knee surgery. It was planned (ie there wasn’t any dramatic new injury) but it was a pretty big operation and yeah you could say it has wiped me out. 2 months on my backside and counting… Thankfully my trip being right before, I was confident enough that I would have lots of content to maintain a normal schedule from my bedside. This is where I really got it wrong.

I always knew this surgery wasn’t going to be easy but after almost 5 weeks in hospital I can certainly say that it took far more out of me than I thought it would. You think ok, they are working on my leg so that’s going to hurt and my energy levels are going to be low- but I really underestimated the effect it would have on my mind.

I’ve always been a very sit down and finish your task kind of person. Never distracted and always with more than enough to say, so I haven’t struggled putting words to paper, or laptop or even conversation. However, this time round has almost created a personality change. The medication post surgery has had a vast effect on my mental state. My mental health is fine, but the ability to think at a reasonable speed went bye bye see you later.

I have been tossing up whether to share with you some photos of this period. Whilst I originally thought I best not as I guess they are private, I really enjoy when other people show their realities and not only the glossy side of life…

So basically, all the content that I had planned for this period, so eagerly before I was to be on my backside, hasn’t been able to be produced. I even had to stop sharing the last week of my travels on instagram as I knew I couldnt write a caption that properly shared my experience.

Far out I couldnt even watch Netflix due to my eyes hurting from concentrating that hard. Youtube on the other hand, wow. I have demolished so many hours. My obsession with makeup has never been greater with trawling back through three years worth of Kathleen Lights and Jamie Paige Beauty. Short little videos had me at my best, and has also had my bank account dropping lower and lower as I was watching and buying and watching and buying. So I have developed major feelings about important things in the world like the difference between US Sephora and AUS. Seriously the product selection we have here is dismal! Let alone them having Ulta… when will we get product ranges like that? To all makeup brands out there, I’m telling you that there is a market here. Please come and stock here. At least we have had brands like Morphe develop sites and shipping for us Down Under.

Anyway, the purpose of this little ramble is to let you know that I’m back. Not in the way that I was prior to the surgery, but I’m getting there. To start with I’ll be sharing my pictures from Istanbul on Instagram as I’m not really in the position to be creating postable content from my sofa and tracksuits.

You can also expect some more content to appear on here as I now have a long back log of ideas that need to be created.

I hope you are all well and I thank those for their messages of concern. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you all again…

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