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Clip-On Earring Guide

I don’t have my ears pierced. I tried a decade ago and my ears ate up the holes. It has been an on going battle tossing up whether I try again or just give up. You see I get a lot of outfit envy. If I see someone wearing something I like, I take note and work out how I’m going to recreate the look.

With costume earrings becoming so big in the past year, I knew I needed to get to the bottom of my situation. Anyway, I thought I should finally have a look into clip on earrings. I knew they were really popular around the first half of the last century, but you don’t really see them much these days. Anyway, I went googling and what I found was that Oscar de la Renta does some beautiful pieces. Awesome. However, not awesome for the budget.

Further on, I searched until I found two sites that could help me out. The first, Doodad and Fandango. This is the coolest site ever. They make the most fabulous earrings that really are like art pieces. Oh yeah, they give you the choice of normal or clip on backings. Brilliant. Check out these ones below for a little squiz at what they have on offer. I mean who doesn’t want toucans hanging off their lobes?


From left to right:

  1. Toucans $90 buy it here.
  2. Rah Rah Supastah $85 buy it here.
  3. Illuminati with tassels (I have these and I loooooooove them) $85 buy it here. 

The next option, the classy oh so serious, I’m going to a fancy ball option- Adorne Me. Interestingly, for the ‘smarter’ choice the price point is much lower. Hoorah. For around the $20-$40 mark you can find some really lovely bits. If your looking for clip ons just search for clip ons in the search bar as they have a mixture of both normal backings and clip ons. Have a look through some options below.

Untitled-2 From left to right:

  1. Jewelled Starburst $39.95 buy it here. 
  2. Double tassel $34.95 buy it here.
  3. Abstract rose drop $29.95 buy it here.
  4. Beaded tear drop $39.95 buy it here.

I also have one other saving grace that I recently discovered. Clip on earring converters. These have quite literally rocked my world. Basically you put them onto the back of any normal backed earrings and they can work on your non pierced ears! I find they look best on dangly and more out there earrings. It makes the converters blend into the earrings more. However, you won’t be able to get your ears looking like you’re wearing studs. Anyway you can buy heaps of the converters for nothing here. My favourite places to grab some brilliant colour ear candy are Asos and Zara. The bigger the better. These ones below are from Zara and they are on sale here!

Clip on






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