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Raw Snack Balls

Today I’m sharing my favourite little on the go snack. Introducing the oh so trendy raw balls. Raw is a very popular term thrown away in todays world. Generally when this term is slapped on food labels the price goes up as does the ooooh ahhh that’s so fancy level.

Whilst you might be intimated or even sucked into the trend, I’ve got a fix to serve either side of the fence that you might be on.


This little snack treat involves only four pantry products and a little bit of water, creating a very yummy healthy treat. Think a cross between rumbles and coconut rough. I find them to be the best afternoon snack.


Anyway let us get on with it. This is what you are going to need:

500g of pitted dates

250g of shredded coconut

Two tablespoons of cocoa

Two teaspoons of vanilla essence

Half a cup of water


Here’s the really complicated bit. Put it all in a food processor and blend.

Now all you need to do is scoop it out and make the mixture into balls.

Next, put the balls in a container and sprinkle with coconut.


Keep them in the fridge and enjoy!


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