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My Top 3 Foundations

I have combination skin. If I have pimples that area is very dry and the rest is normal to being on the oily side. Therefore, I think I’m the perfect foundation tester because I have three categories it needs to fulfil. So, today I’m sharing with you my current three must have foundations. I swear by the following three products that never let me down and fit into all the categories that I look for. Between these three I can get my needed coverage and finish for any event. So here we go…

Nars Natural Radiant Long Wear


33 shades, long wearing and claims to be lightweight. It has quite a yellow shade range that’s not brilliant for cool tones… This is why I love it as my face leans warm. I spoke about this in a previous post here. I find it works best with matte primers then adding more dewy products back in. I think applying it with a beauty blender makes the best result. It is a as full a coverage as I like with a thin amount of it going a long way. I like making it a medium coverage. The consistency allows for small amount due to the dimethicone base that makes it slip easily on the face. With a satin finish it is a good middle of the road foundation flattering on all skin types. It also doesn’t oxidise. This stuff builds on itself in my problematic areas. It is long wearing, but I like to set it to reduce transferring…. it’s not bad by any means but I don’t risk it. It actually settles in really well throughout the day. If I’m going out in winter and want a solid makeup look that I don’t want to budge this would be my go to. Even though its not 100% full coverage I feel like it’s the slightly heavier option that will not ever move. In fact I did wear this to an entire all day event in near 40 degrees and it didn’t budge either.

Dior Forever Undercover


I tried this in a pharmacy in Paris. I have so many foundations at home so I wasn’t going to buy it, but the swatch on my hand just killed me. I kept looking down at my hand throughout the entire day. Foundation isn’t meant look good on your hand with hairs and freckles so the fact it did showed me how good it is. It is maybe the most thin foundation I’ve ever tried that is full coverage. A little goes a reaaaally long way. As I’ve mentioned I don’t really like full coverage. I feel selfconcious that people think I’m caked. So, with a beauty blender I just really lightly dot this around my face. It provides the most fantastic skin like look that is airbrushed and with a satin to dewy finish. I don’t feel the need to set this foundation as I use such a little amount that the transfer isn’t a problem. A beauty blender is the go for this one and it works really well on all primers. I generally use a dewy type or even just an illuminated underneath. Good for all skin types. I think you do need to work quickly due to its fast setting nature. If I feel like if I’m going for a more done up look, I would choose this in Summer. I feel like this is very breathable being water based and full coverage at the same time.

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Light Infusing 


With a dewy light to medium coverage finish this is my favourite everyday foundation. Wow it makes your skin look really healthy. It has a dimethicone formula making it slippy meaning a little gets a long way. Is not cake and has never settled into my skin. As an everyday foundation you need it to last a long time and I think it lasts well for around 8 hours. However, it does transfer so set it in place. Being a sheer coverage it doesn’t cover massive pimples, but makes the skin look so healthy that I don’t mind anything that is poking through. If you do it needs concealer afterwards to stop pimples peaking through. Its light infusing formula means the light hits it very flattering way. I always use this in an everyday scenario, so I’m always rushing. Therefore, I use a brush as it’s much speedier. This looks flawless with makeup building upon it really easily. The best part? It is cheapppp. It is my favourite foundation to build cream products on top of. . Breathability is brilliant with this. I don’t feel like I am covered in this product. Makes the skin look so good that if I don’t have any pimples I’m happy to not wear any concealer. My illuminator liquid that I use under and over my other foundations isn’t necessary in this scenario.

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  1. Hey can u also tell about the prices of these products? Also i wanted to know whether the Dior foundation easily available in any pharmacy in Paris ?
    Great post …Keep Glittering, Love TGA by MIsha ❤

    • Hi Misha! The L’Oreal is around $20-$25 Aus, the Dior I ended up getting it in duty free for 35 euro… but easily found in the pharmacies. However I think in the pharmacy it was 45 euro? The Nars was $70 Aus. Hope this helps! Xxx

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