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Autumn Faves

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The Boi-ing concealer and Watts Up duo pan has been an absolute saviour of mine this past season. I bought this in Paris at the end of March and I have been getting great use out of it ever since. I have never been a fan of pan concealers as I have put the stigma of them being very drying in my head. However, this Benefit product is the exception to my rule. This stuff is creaammmmmmy. It melts in my fingers as I pat this into my under eyes and it really doesn’t budge much throughout the day. Secondly, the cream highlighter has been great too. It is similar in shade to my skin colour so once blended in, it creates a really natural glow. My cheek bones are looking sharper and more natural than ever before. You can get the highlighter here or the concealer hereBali faves-2

Hello holiday. I ventured to Bali at the start of the season and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. I am lucky enough to travel a lot, and therefore it is a big thing for this place to be resonating with me for so long. I havent been here for maybe 8 years and a whole lot has changed since then. I wrote a Bali guide here, so check it out for a list of all my favourite restaurants. We stayed in Canggu, which was so much more relaxed than the popular Seminyak, yet very close for when we wanted to make the trip in. The restaurants around this area, however, were so thought out and often started by Aussie expats. I am so so desperate to get my butt back here. Also as an Aussie, a cool place only being a 5 hour flight away makes me pretty happy.

Mission Chips-2

This is a weird one, but to honest it was the first thing I thought of when I was writing down my favourites list for the season of Autumn. I have always been tasty cheese dorito fan. Over Summer, however, I discovered that they in fact had gluten in them. I’m a coeliac and have been for over a decade, so this was a big kick to my stomach. I have no idea when the ingredients changed, but I hadn’t thought to look since I converted years ago. Anyway, I found a brilliant replacement. Mission extreme cheese are the best corn chip to EVER be invented. I can’t rave about these enough. The chips are thicker like real corn chips, so you don’t feel like you’re eating complete crap. The flavouring…. oh my god it is good. It has the yummiest cheese powder coating and lots of it. This stuff is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Oh by the way, you won’t find these in the chip aisle at your supermarket, but in the Mexican aisle along with taco shells and all that other jazz.


Houndstooth, checkers or Prince of Wales, whatever you may like to call it has had me buzzing this past season. I have been wearing it on my bottom half for over a year but only acquired two blazers in the pattern at the start of the year. The seasonal change had me very excited to wear them. I have one from ASOS in a fitted style which I have been wearing to work a lot as it gives a really nice polished look. I enjoy pairing it with slack style pants giving some shape to my body with a nice pinched in waist. The second one I have is from Zara. This one is oversized and boxy in its shape. I wanted this style for so long, and was even willing to spend on it. After a few months I still couldn’t find the perfect blazer until one day it appeared in Zara. I love how the boxy shoulders make me feel strong, but small at the same time. I really actually like the look of ‘swimming in it’ in this scenario. I have been pairing it with every shape of jeans that I have. Straight, skinny and boyfriend all look great. The styling need, however, is to roll the sleeves up. I have a little trick which is to bunch a hair tie or elastic band up your arms to keep the material in place. Otherwise you will find you arms keep falling down again and again. You can get one similar here.

That’s all on my Autumn list. What have you been enjoying this past season?

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