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3 Looks 1 Palette…

I’m a makeup hoarder. Surprise. Every new launch gets me itching to try out the new IT product. However, whilst I’m very impulsive with my purchases, I’m very patient when trying out products to see whether they are worth recommending.

The Sephora Editorial Palette was one of those products that I needed to get my hands on. In fact, I sent my sister to a Sephora in the US to track it down. On first look, this palette looks too bright to navigate. It does look intimidating. However, today I’m showing how it is really the opposite.

You can make very wearable looks, and looks that are completely different from the previous. With all colours of the rainbow and a mixture of matte and shimmer shades, this palette is workable. Oh and by the way these shadows are pigmented!

So, with that being said have a look at these three looks that I made entirely from this palette. The first involves a glitter and matte orange pairing, the second is a cool toned blue number and the third is my favourite with a mix of pinks and oranges blended into some sunrise looking thing.

Check it out! Or better yet, buy it now.








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