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The beauty product I’ve used for a decade

There has been one beauty product in my arsenal for the last decade. Many of you may have used it, many of you will love it. But, this is for the those of you who don’t know or use this product.

This isn’t sponsored, I just love this stuff.


Introducing Moroccan Oil, which is actually argan oil. I use this religiously after I have washed my hair. A couple of pumps rubbed into my hands, rubbed through my hair makes for incredible results.


When this product first came out I thought it was revolutionary and to be honest after a decade of using it, I can’t find anything close. It is like a leave in conditioner that adds an amazing shine and smell to your hair once dried. Moreover, it does something amazing to the split ends of your hair. I’m notoriously bad at putting my butt in a hairdressers chair. However, I really do think that this oil keeps me not needing a chop ever so regularly.


Argan oil also has the ability to darken your hair, which is why Moroccan Oil has a light option for us blondes.

Anyway, thats the end of my lecture of this magic juice. Buy it here.


MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment 100ml • Moroccanoil • $63.95    MOROCCANOIL Original Oil Treatment LIGHT • Moroccanoil • $63.95

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