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Paris Shopping Guide

Apart from COS in the Marais and the other classics on the Rue de Rivoli, there are so many little gems to shop in Paris. With a combination of reading and stumbling upon by foot, today I’m sharing with you my favourite stores that I came across. Some you may know, but I’m sure there are some you’re yet to try. They are all worth the sorting out. Read on for the list.


Jimmy Fairly

If you like Swedish style then this is the eyewear shop for you. Around the 100 euro mark, these reading glasses and sunglasses are everything trendy. They take your reading prescription on the spot and can have your glasses ready that day. Pretty cool right? There are 9 locations around Paris.


I stumbled across this store in the Marais. It was one of those places that stops you in your tracks and makes you go inside. This may be my favourite clothing store that I’ve ever been in. It has Acne and All Saints vibes for a much more reasonable price. Seriously, check this one out.


I read about this place and needed to go. You know why? It’s because this store is where Kanye West shops. It is the coolest art book store. It’s pouring with eclecticism, to the point where they blast French tunes and the shop assistants dance around filling the book shelves. If you’re a creative person, get your butt here.


GO HERE. Never have I had such an incredible shopping experience. This store is a modern IKEA broken up into three different stores in the Marais. The first is filled with knick knacks, stationary, plants and the ideal gift for everyone in your life. The next two stores have the beautiful collection of furniture. The best pieces from every period fill a maze of warehouses. If you’re not in the market for furniture, you absolutely need to get yourself here for a browse. You won’t regret it.

Antoine et Lili

This store is interesting. It is quite well known in Paris. If you like eclectic Mexican homewares, then this will be the bread to your butter. It stocks rugs, plates, art and tapestry. If you like weird colourful bits then you better pop in.

Pharmacie Anglaise 

This pharmacy embodies the best of what french pharmacies are. Oh, and it’s on the Champs Elysees. The selection of products from Avene to La Roche Posay to Bioderma, is out of control. It isn’t an enormous store, but you will spend so long testing out the products. Use the staff to help you, they have no trouble translating the packaging.


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