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Easter Nests

Because I’m sure you are all lacking some chocolate this weekend, I thought I would share another Easter goodie recipe. These little Easter nests are so cute and delicious! They are so quick and easy, yet look so effective if your are putting them on your table or gifting away.


All you are going to have to do is melt milk chocolate and mix it in with cornflakes and shredded coconut. Mix all of this together.


Mould the mixture into cupcake tins. It doesn’t matter what size, but I think a combination of sizes makes for a great effect. With the largest tins press down in the centre of the mixture to make a little dip. This will help to hold lots of eggs once set.


Place in the fridge and wait for the mixture to completely set.


Once this has occurred pop the chocolate nests out and fill with crispy eggs.


These look great because of their colours contrasted with the chocolate nests. You could, however, get a similar effect with mini wrapped eggs.


Eat up!

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