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What I’ve been listening to lately…

Podcasts are the future. Never do I settle for a radio ad anymore as I’m all about conversation that I can skip through when I please. I would love to do one someday, but for the meantime I’m sharing with you what I’m listening to.

Mama Mia Outloud

This one comes out of the Mama Mia Network where I get quite a few from in this list. This podcast involves three women of different generations talking about the weekly topics. It involves anything from a fierce political debate, to dating to discovering the best new eyebrow product. You really get to know each voice and picture yourself around the table joining in on the debate too.

No Filter

Hosted by Mia Freedman, from the previous podcast too, is No Filter. Freedman has no filter, so in this podcast in which she interviews interesting career people, mainly women, she is not afraid to ask the nitty gritty questions. Some of my absolute favourites in which I highly recommend you go back and listen involve Lisa Wilkinson, Caroline Overrington, Jelena Dokic, Susan Carland (this one is my all time faves) and Sylvia Freedman. This one is SO good.


I’m one of those sickos that is obsessed with everything True Crime. One of my favourite genres in this category is cults. This podcast being named Cults, is therefore my cup of tea. Each cult explored is done in a two part series. Part 1 involves an exploration into the leader and part 2 the cult itself generally involving its undoing.

True Crime: Case File

This is where my obsession began with True Crime. This is the best crime podcast out there. Everything is explained in a succinct and story telling nature that gives you a real insight into the most heinous crimes around the world. The majority are taken in Australia which is a little unnerving, but with more than 100 episodes the narrator is now telling global stories.

Tell me its going to be ok

This is the perfect podcast to dip your toes into a Trump obsession. This involves again Mia Freedman and Amelia Lester (a US political editor) discussing the weeks issues in the White House. It is done in a beginner and uncomplicated way so you don’t have to know who each and every key player is to get a full understanding. Be prepared to dip your toes and soon be swimming!

Pod save america

This is a much more intense exploration into US politics. Each episode is longer than an hour as 3 men discuss the weeks issues in a humorous way and then interview and expert on the topic. I have only recently started listening to this and am completely obsessed. It is clear, liberal and funny.


Leandra Medine was the original blogger of fashion. In Monocycle she sparingly releases an episode of just 10 minutes as she word vomits on a topic. I find her so intelligent and insightful. Her vocabulary is just insane. It is just her, though occasionally she interviews someone, unpacking a theme for a week. It’s not a numbing listen. It really makes you reflect on your own life. Listen back through as they aren’t date sensitive by any means.

Atlanta Monster

This isn’t the most brilliantly executed podcast but you can get past it with the story they are telling. In the late 70s and early 80s around 30 male children of colour were abducted and murdered in Atlanta USA. It explores the complete injustice in the case being ignored in the beginning to the capturing of a suspect and whether he was indeed the murderer.

I’m not much of a muso, especially since podcasts are so good these days. However, I have really been enjoying two songs at the moment. Firstly, Ofenbach vs. Nick Waterhouse – Katchi  I have no idea what Katchi means, but the song is catchy and I like it. Secondly, Kylie Minogues new When I wanna go out dancing. I had no idea this was Kylie until I had a Google. She has made a very urban fun song that really makes you bob about!

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