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Summer Faves

I aim to do monthly favourites but seeing as I didn’t get around to doing a December or a January and we are now half way through February, I have decided to share a ‘Summer’ curation.

My favourite movie I’ve seen recently is ‘I Tonya’. It is SO good! Margot Robbie does an incredible job of playing such a complicated character. I don’t want to give to much away, but just want to encourage you to go and see it. It is not a chick flick by any means so get your whole group to the cinema.


I have been loving poke bowls lately. They are so fresh and healthy, leaving you so full and satisfied. I personally love raw tuna with lots of edamame. Have a look around your area for your closest shop. They are popping up everywhere…


Makeup wise I have been experimenting with a lot of new products lately. Last year I discovered the new Revlon range of mascaras. They have updated their formulas to be new and light weight and have really added some drama. I have been trying out their whole range and have really fallen for the pink edition. I like how every formula comes with a waterproof version too. I have watering eyes so always need to wear waterproof mascara.


Secondly, in the beauty category is Colour Pop eyeshadows. I did a bit of bulk order before Christmas on their palettes and wow I love them! They are such a great blendable formula with great pigmentation at such a great price. For us Aussies, even after the US dollar conversion we are so far ahead of makeup sold here. Whilst I have quite a collection going now, the two I seem to be getting the most use out of is the Elements of Surprise palette and the My Little Pony palette. Yes, they did a collaboration. It also rocks ok?

My favourite podcast over the Summer has been Mama Mia Outloud. It involves three women talking about the weeks issues with a feminist and hilarious direction. Their discussions are so great to listen to when I’m working away or driving from a to b.


In terms of social media, I probably spend far too much time engaging with my phone. However, all that means is that I find great little accounts to share. There is one that I’ve have been wanting to share with you for a little while now and that is the Instagram @agirlwithnopresident. If you’re a Trump lover then you’re not going to like this account at all, or my site for that matter. I’ve probably posted something offensive to you already so I doubt you’re reading this. ANYWAY, this account is all the political cynicism anyone needs. It is shared with great irony and shows the unfortunate reality of the US political climate in a light hearted manner. I freaking love it. Tell you what I’ve also jumped on the bandwagon of? Twitter. Yes that means I’m about 5 years and 3 months behind but I really rate it. Follow me on @thelottielu for a weird mixture of life updates, funny gifs and a whole lot of informative material on fashion and beauty. Oh and a few anti trump/ pro women rights stuff (seeing they go so hand in hand these days).


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