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Uluru Photo Diary

A few weeks ago I visited the centre of Australia for the first time. It is one of those places that I never thought to see right away because it is always there and not too far from home. However, I think that this is such a common reasoning for local Aussies that means so many of us never get to see it. To be honest, the reason driving me to the centre was for a recent art installation called The Field of Lights by artist Bruce Munro.

Boy, was this exhibition insane. You feel like you are in a field of poppies, yet it is nighttime. On the day of our departure it was announced that this exhibition was to be extended until 2020. I’m telling you, if you can to get yourself there.

It is so much easier than you think. We took a direct 2hr40min flight from Melbourne to Ayers Rock airport. You get picked up and taken to the resort where there is numerous accommodation at different price points. The best thing about the resort is that all the cultural experiences are free and all restaurants can be charged back to your room.

I was completely blown away with the learning experience I envisioned on this trip, The Field of Lights was only an extra to what is already an amazing setting and travel destination. The red dirt contrasted with the perfect blue sky makes this the most incredible location to visit.

IMG_0351IMG_0260Processed with VSCO with a1 presetIMG_0711IMG_0710IMG_0709IMG_0708IMG_0707IMG_0706IMG_0684IMG_0522IMG_0521IMG_0520IMG_0519IMG_0496IMG_0473IMG_0399IMG_0356

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