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Day 11: Holiday Eye Makeup 

One of the many reasons I love this time of year is for the holiday makeup collections. I look forward to seeing what creative products companies come up with. This year Colourpop Cosmetics released an epic holiday palette that I wanted to give a try. I am having camera difficulties so apologies for the grainy phone quality, but I couldn’t miss a day of Xmas content! 

This is the look that I came up with. It is super warm toned and is a mixture of satin, matte and glitter shades. Keep scrolling on for the step by step guide.

I started off by prepping my eyelids with some concealer and setting that with some loose translucent powder. 

Next up, I blended the light brown shade Top Notch all over my eyelids and then ran the darker brown Go Wish below that into my crease. 

Then grabbing a beautiful dark burgendy called Pitter Patter, I put this in the outer third of my eye and blended it back with the previous dark brown. 

Next, I grabbed the amazing copper shade Tinsel Town and put that using my finger in the centre of my eyelid. Again using my finger, I grabbed the similar but lighter shade 11:11 for the third closest to my nose. Finally with a small brush I look the white shimmer shade Treat Yourself to highlight the inner corners and my brow bone.

I love this outcome being perfect for a glitter holiday occasion. I finished it off with a nude matte lipstick from a Colourpop called Aquarius. You can replicate this look with similar eyeshadows that you might already have, however, I do highly recommend Colourpop Cosmetics. They are really affordable and of a really good quality. In fact they are most often my cosmetic preference. 

Until my final Christmas post…

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