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Day 7: My Tree Tour

Hi Hi Hi!

Today I am sharing with you my Christmas tree. I have spent the weekend at our holiday home putting up the tree and decorating the lounge room. It will be our first Christmas here and I’m so excited for more than one decorating reason. I have wanted to do a Scandinavian coastal themed tree for so many years, but always found that it just didn’t suit the space or wasn’t executed very well. But wow, this year the stars were aligned. The living room of our home is all white log cabin style, so there really wasn’t another option than what I always wanted! I decided on a strict and I mean strict, white, silver, rose gold and white wood coloured coordination. So, that being said, below is my tree. All the decorations are from Kmart, Big W, and Spotlight. This year these retailers have really stepped up in how cool their ornaments are. Some of my favourites are the Β paper lantern styles, especially in the holographic and the silvery anchors; perfect for the beach shack vibe. Enjoy your perve, and i’ll be back tomorrow to share with you the rest of the room.


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