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Day 6: 3 Wrapping Paper 4 Ways

Happy day 6! Today I am sharing with you three different types of wrapping paper and 4 different styles that you can manipulate them into. I love the each and everyone of these styles, all equally cute and festive!

To get all my paper I went to the friendly Kmart and stocked up on a massive roll of brown craft paper, a modern holographic and a brown craft with white spots roll.

Type 1: Rudolph noses

This is a really cute idea for all ages. It is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face when you hand this out on Christmas day, or is even just spied under the tree. All you need to do is get some red chocolate balls, stick them down with double sided tape and draw some cute little reindeer faces. No artistic skills necessary.


Type 2: Rustic Wrapping

This is perhaps the most popular style of wrapping in this day and age. Pinterest is full of rustic interpretations of Christmas wrapping. As you can see here, it is really easy to achieve this look with your various craft paper. I personally enjoy the spots more, because obviously spots are better. All you’re then going to need is some twine and a garden sprig. I have picked some rosemary from our garden and I think it has come up really well! Hopefully it stays green…


Type 3: Metallic Stars

This is a really cute DIY craft exercise that would be a good activity for young children to get involved with (or 23 year olds like me). Using my plain craft paper I grabbed a metallic gold, bronze and silver pen. All that is left to do is to get drawing stars. I actually quite like the unperfected casualness of the stars, if you’re fussier take your time. Wrap with some twine and again it will give that homely warm vibe. A candy cane on top doesn’t hurt either!


Type 4: Holographic

I am OBSESSED with this wrapping paper. I have given out a few secret santa gifts in this wrapping and everyone absolutely loves it. To me it is the perfect interpretation of a modern Christmas. This holographic paper doesn’t need anything with it as it picks up all the colours in your Christmas tree. I have paired it with a basic white and grey twine and added some candy canes for some extra fun.


I hope you have taken some inspiration away from this post today! Fun wrapping always makes Christmas that little bit more enjoyable!!


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