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Day 4: My Wish List

Today for day 4 of 12 days of Christmas content, I’m sharing with you a few things that I’m asking for this Christmas. Yes this time of year isn’t about gifts and all that, but ineveitably presents still happen. This creates so much joy when gifting and receiving but god the buying can be every shade of frustrating.

One of the things I always do around this time of year is ask people what they want for presents. Not necessarily for people that I’m gifting to, but just the friends around me that I’m not buying for. I find that I get great ideas for the people that I’m actually meant to be gifting too.

Therefore, today I’m sharing with you some of the things that I want this year. Hopefully it might give you an idea for someone you’re stuck with!


First up, I’m asking for a couple of things from the Mecca Max makeup range.

I love the on trend products they create, and for the price point. My wish list includes the Party to the Max Face and Eye Palette and The Glow Show Illuminating Duo. I love the warm tones of these products and I think they are just perfect for the Summer season.

I’ve also been looking for a really casual Summer dress to just throw on in the heat. I’ve found the perfect cotton dress from ASOS. It will also suit EVERY body type. It’s also on sale! Yippee!

Lastly always a good option is reading material.

First up is Shoe Dog. I always love a business success story and everyone has been recommending this Nike biography, so now I’m asking for it.


To keep my femisit journey going, Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay is on my wish list. I’ve only heard wonders about this book so it’s about time I read it. Finally, a cookbook because everyone needs one.Through Zoe Foster-Blake’s recommendation I am wishing for Thug Kitchen. The notion of just real hearty good food is right up my alley.


Anyway, that’s it for today folks! Hopefully something has caught your eye and might help you gift for someone on your list!

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