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 Day 3: Christmas Tree Brownies

Happy day 3 of The Lottie Lu’s 12 days of Christmas! Today’s little post is a super easy one for you all to whip up. I stumbled across something similar on Pinterest and was inspired to make my own version. I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to send or tag me in your Christmas tree brownies!


All you’re going to do is grab any brownie recipe whether that’s from scratch or a box (seriously, no one is going to know). Then you’re going to bake and let your brownies cool. There are two points I want to emphasise here. The first being when I normally make brownies I cook them for the minimum time possible. However, super gooey brownies are only going to make your life difficult when it comes to cutting them up later. Cutting brings me to my second point. Make sure your brownies are cooled completely. I don’t mean luke warm, I mean room temperature or colder. Shove them in the fridge infact.

Whilst your brownies are cooling make up some butter frosting by chopping up squares of butter, adding icing sugar and then adding small amounts of boiling water to bind and dissolve the ingredients. Next, add some small drops of green food colouring until you get the desired shade.
Once your brownies have cooled chop triangular shapes up. Then, empty the icing into a piping or zip lock bag and snip of a small end (and I mean small). Now all you have to do is start from the top of the triangle and pipe on down your brownie tree! You can add other colours or lollies to decorate if you like too.

Put them on a platter and serve them up on any Christmas occasion!


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