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Day 1: Rocky Road

This is one of the Christmassy dishes that I look forward to SO much every year. It is the perfect dish to gift to your friends and family, making it seem like you’re the best little elf going to so much effort! Here it is! 


These are all the ingredients that you will need. Cranberries, pistachios, marshmallows and whites chocolate. I don’t really have quantities to give you as I just play it by ear. However, you will need more chocolate than you think. Don’t forget that you can substitute the white for milk or dark chocolate, and choose your favourite nut. 

All you’re going to do is mix it all together with the chcocoate melted and pour into a lined tin. Shove it in the fridge for a few hours until it sets.

Pop it out of the tin and chop it up into small pieces. You’ll be surprised with how dense it is so smaller really is better. You will also see below how many pieces are made from a 20×20 tin. You really do get a full platters worth.


Style with your Christmas decorations and enjoy! (Or pack it up in cellophane and gift!)


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