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Empties 2017: Beauty

Go-To Skincare Nudey Pinky Lip Balm 

Go-To-Pinky-Nudey-Lips-copyAnything that is typed or created by Zoe Foster Blake is pure genius. I love her honesty and integrity with her products. Her Nudey Pinky Balm really is like nothing else on the market. I never actually wondered why no lip balms were in a colour I actually wanted to wear on my lips? For that reason, I keep this in my car and very quickly went through a bottle this year. Would I purchase another? I’m not sure. I really should because it is by far the best lip balm I’ve used, but for some reason even with its daily use still sits kind of low on my priority list.

Sephora Sun Disk Bronze

closeup_4e6af909de963734d64a6af952f61106c856517b_1493200265_8776_SephoraCollection_WEBThis was a serious gold find of mine. I don’t know what it is and if it is just for me, but this product is by far the best colour bronzer for my changing skin tone. I wear the medium and love it throughout the seasons. Money wise it is very reasonable, especially given the size of the thing. Would I buy again? I already have. Twice.

Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil 

Untitled4This year was all about the brows for me. This pencil was the best item to learn with. It is so easy to use and very hard to make mistakes with. I use the medium colour and find it very easy to just draw, draw, draw and have it all very blended in. The spooly on the other end is brilliant too. I went through two pencils this year and will be buying again.

Maybelline brow mascara

648221_xlarge_1Again, reiterating the brow factor. This stuff is gooooood. I bought it on a whim earlier in the year and very quickly used it all up. I like it for filling in the gaps between tinting sessions. My only issue is that it doesn’t hold the hairs into place, so a gel is needed after if you’re going all out. I haven’t found anything I like nearly as much on the market so I will definitely be buying again.

Revlon Volume & Length Magnified Mascara

11371_xlargeThis mascara is everything I could ask for. I purchased it because I was out of a previously used different brand, and this one was on sale. On first application I thought what tha? It honestly looked like I had no mascara on yet had grown the most extraordinary lashes. All my previous mascaras added so much volume and blackness that it always just looked so much like mascara. On the other hand, this stuff makes your lashes darker and longer and separates them spectacularly. I’m on my second tube and will be buying again and again.

Nude by Nature Illuminator 

343315_xlarge_1This was on of those go to a chemist, get excited and chuck everything into your basket type of purchase. This is probably one of the most useful and best tools in my makeup arsenal. It does exactly as its name, illuminates. It is great to put all over and not wear any other makeup, or layer it on before you put your powders on. It is so light, therefore, it doesn’t feel like you have anything on. If I am going to recommend any product out of this empties post, it is this. Get buying it.

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