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The Lottie Lu Shop

This week something huge happened. I launched The Lottie Lu Shop. I have been dreaming of launching this bad boy for over a year now and with a whole lot of frustrated attempts of finalising the website, it is now live and here.

My idea of this place will undoubtedly change, like most businesses, but for now this is the 411. The Lottie Lu Shop is a site with periodic capsule releases of limited products. The idea is that I will source a collection of products that are similar in nature to each other and that I think you will all really like. The aim is to have this accessible as possible in its price point, which is a notion I promise to stand by. Moreover, the ethos of the brand, or that cool tag line that everyone needs, is “that thing you wanted but couldn’t find”. How cool is that?!

I aim to therefore bring you products that are different and definitely not on the market anywhere else. Just as this written and visual platform is all about generating content for female’s delight, the products on The Lottie Lu Shop are no different.

The first capsule released is all sourced from rural Mexico. Think everything that I’m obsessed with and that is basically it. So, colour, pom poms, chunky jewellery and pom poms again. There is nothing in this selection that won’t have a smile on your face.

So, wander over and have a look for yourself. As I previously said, there is only a very small collection of products with each item only having one or two in stock. Once they are gone they are gone.

Buckle your seat belts in. This is going to be a crazy ride.

Scroll Up through to see whatโ€™s on offer…

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