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Ladies Oaks Day

IMG_9562 copy

This week I’m sharing my outfits from last weeks Spring Racing Carnival. First up is Oaks Day. This was the most unorganised I have ever been for walking out of the house. I spent the long weekend away and therefore, only made up outfits in my head.

Boy my head looks different to the mirror… Anyway, many a distressed cursing session passed and I settled on this outfit. This burnt orange silk dress has been in my wardrobe for a long time. This silk was the perfect choice for the heat of the day, and the train at the back meant that nothing was indecent in the wind!

Untitled-3111111I bought this metallic flower crown last minute from Seed Heritage along side some double hoop earrings from ASOS which matched the warm tones of dress. This meant that I tied it all together with amber and gold warm toned eyeshadows and a red lip. The lipstick is one of my ever so raved about 24 hour Super Stay Maybelline Lipsticks. This stuff just does not budge.


Enjoy the browsing… tomorrow is Stakes Day!

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