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Spring Racing Beauty Tips

This weekend starts the beginning of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. For those who don’t know what that is, it is when everyone frocks up and heads on down to the horse races. Melbourne even gets a public holiday out of it. Yippee!

What I wanted to touch on today was my beauty tips and tricks for this event. If the horse racing isn’t relevant to you, then move your butt along. No, I’m kidding. It is pretty much a beauty guide for outdoor daytime events.

Firstly, let us talk about your mane. If you’re blessed with super thick heavy hair that doesn’t knot, then good on you. Do what you like. If you’re like the majority of the world whose hair ends up in a literal birds nest after a few hours out, put it up. A pony tail is often the most flattering thing on a woman’s face, radiating youthfulness or at least can give the appearance of a facelift. The other option is to wear a hat. This will stop the wind getting to the worst of it. If you have the space in your purse, do yourself a favour and pack a comb.

Moving onto the stuff that paints your face.

Firstly, stay away from dark colours on your lips and eyes. Dark colours are prone to smudgings and other imperfections so a daytime event means this is all the more obvious. Unless you are happy to keep doing touch ups, just go for the warm tones. 

My next piece of advice is by far the most important of the day. SET YOUR FACE. With the correct makeup application your face will be set in stone all day long. Firstly, you need to get your order right of cream and then powder products. For example, your order might be foundation, cream blush, powder and then bronzer. This will keep every layer in its correct spot. Finally, you need to get yourself some setting spray. This is perhaps the most crucial product in your makeup aresenal. It has recently be popularised thanks to our YouTube beauty sensations, but is still missing for most of the population. This stuff is liquid gold. Spray your face once you’re finished and no heat or rain will have it melting off. A good one to try is the MAC prep and prime or the Urban Decay slay all day setting spray. 

Lastly, remember to pack your lipstick, comb and blotting paper if you’re prone to oily skin.

Ta da! You’re all set and ready to go! Yippee! 

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