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A Brow-licious Transformation

It’s BRRRRrrrrOOOOOOOwwWW time!

In the past couple of yearsย I have gone through quite the brow transformation.

I used to get my slugs waxed professionally, then I realised I had very straight brows so my shape was easy to replicate. THEN I started waxing myself. To be honest, I wasn’t half bad. Nothing was overly clean but I always kept them bushy and was very stern starring myself in the mirror not to over wax.

THEN, I decided I wanted to grow them out massively to get that on fleet lewk. So, I grew and grew for at least a year.

I had some hairy looking slugs on my face after a while and I was ready to take their butts to a professional. Low and behold, I sat down for a consultation and they told me they needed to be waxed back to their shape pre growing period. Turns out, my face just doesn’t suit that bushy look.

Tell you what I do suit though? TINTING.

Oh my god does my face like tinting.

Along with some perfectly waxed and then plucked threads, tinting makes all the difference in the world.

Tinting fills in all the patchy gaps, creates an arch if done well and even makes you look more youthful!ย I now have intense and defined brows. Hurrah!

So the moral of the story is to get your brows tinted ASAP! If you do you’ll have some snappy looking hairs, and everyone will be calling you browlicious!

Happily ever after…


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