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To Spring Trim?

To remove or not to remove, that is the question.

When we started out as surfboard shapes and then grew in a whole lot of different areas, hair removal has been on our mind. A century ago to remove was the exception and today this notion has been reversed.

I went to a co-ed primary school where puberty was SO uncool. Hair growth was gross, but removing it was worse. YUCK.

Fast forward a couple of years where I was in an all girls school, no one could get rid of their hair fast enough.

To remove or not to remove was not the question, but whether to shave, wax, laser, electrolysis, epilate, sugaring or removal cream was the burden.  It becomes evident here that this could all be described with the single axiom that females are just suckers for advertisers. They tell us what we need and we say YES!

Fast forward again another few years and feminism is the bomb diggity and preaching it is everything. Hands down no qualms, I’m a feminist. I have also undergone laser hair removal. Does this make me a bad feminist? Maybe. I embrace the discussion that body hair on women isn’t taboo. I don’t even blink with the high density of fluro pink and blue underarms I see at University, but it just hasn’t been a choice that I have made for myself.

On the surface I would say I removed for me, but hand on heart I don’t think it would be hard to make me out a liar in court. Do I want to be appealing? Yes. Does this make me the worst type of feminist therefore, doing this for the opposite sex?

Spring Trimmings

Through lasering, I am relatively hairless. I wondered if this would be a trend and, therefore would I regret it? But I think I decided that the trend is one that you will decide on and probably keep for life with your generation.

My big fear, however, is that one day I’ll be telling my future daughter to be empowered by her body hair and she will ask why I have none?

Again, I now appear to be even worse as a feminist hurting the next generation.

But, then I thought that if I’m thinking this way, is the feminist label being so screwed up that it’s making one think we must uphold such a high standard? So what if your choice to remove your hair is for your partner?

But owww

When did it become a bad thing to do something nice for your significant other? We do plenty of things that is for other people. Brushing your teeth so you have a minty fresh breath before you get your smooch on isn’t anti feminist. Not burping in your partners face isn’t anti feminist. So why is this aspect that comes before sexing?

Maybe it is because it is subjected to the female in most occasions? But then again many men are taming their growth too.

I don’t know but I’m starting to resent the thought that removing your hair is anti-feminist. Doing something that our partners appreciate doesn’t make us a bad feminist surely?

Let’s just not knock the act of doing something for someone else. I’ll tell you what; laser has been the most convenient, time and money saving things I have possibly ever done in my life.

But what’s everyone’s thoughts on vagazzling?

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