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My Winter Favourites

It’s Spring!! Hallelujah (and hallelujah I just spelt that right first time. Take that, spell check). I’ve got to say that Winter hasn’t been too miserable this year in Melbourne. It does give me the peeves when I see that Sydney had 28 degree weather yesterday. That’s just unfair really. But, back to my trying to be positive tangent, we have seen many a crisp but beautifully blue sky day this past season. Anyway, I’m pleased that the crisp won’t be so crisp and more of a comfortable luke warm. Say hello to the light jacket! In celebration of Spring, over the next few weeks The Lottie Lu will be in Spring Fling mode, sending out on point content for this blooming season. So, to begin with we will be looking at nothing to do with Spring, but what I loved, favoured, and obsessed over in Winter.



This has been an interesting season for my skin. I have spent more time in the country this Winter, than I have any other in the past decade. What that means? No tan, so more makeup. I have never been a huge wearer of the stuff, but manage to obsess and buy any trendy, new and promising-to-change-your-face-and-drop-5-kilos-product. For this season this was Benefits Cheek Parade. Why? Well they were offering the internet famous Hoola Bronzer and Galifornia blush along with some other products I’ve never heard of all in one palette! Let me tell you though, I have loved it. An all in one palette to paint my face has made a lack of warm weather nearly bearable.

To take off my layers, I have been late to the party but will so heavily preach the product. Garnier Micellar Water. It has quite literally changed my life. It’s easy to use and so un-irritable that I want to bathe in the stuff. Get it? Got it? Good.

The final product I’m slapping about my face is La Roche Posay Lip Magic Cream. This stuff is the heaviest of duties and when my lips decide that it would be fun to split and bleed in Winter, this stuff fixes it. It really is the only lip balm that I use now. No testing out anything else for me.



In that fantasy where one gets excited about Winter to be able to snuggle up by the fire reading a book, this is what you should read. On my trip to Cambodia, I read First They Killed My Father. It was probably the most profound and eye opening books that I have read. Regardless of whether you have or even want to visit Cambodia, this is a must read for everyone. The lesson in a tragic history that is so young is one that we all need to be better educated about. The next, Small Great Things. A story opening your eyes to implicit racism, even if you think you aren’t. Based on a true story, this is a page turner and again will have you thinking about the social implications around you. There is also an awesome podcast from the MamaMia network called No Filter, where Jodi Picoult is interviewed about her book and her research into it. Finally, the new and well received The Lucky One by Caroline Overington. An easy read that has you thinking you know the answers until the last page. She does it again.


Cropped trousers

Here’s why I love cropped trousers…

  1. They are way more fun than a full length pant
  2. They are generally out of a non-denim fabric so that makes them comfortable
  3. They are literally everywhere at all prices (the two photographed are H&M and Zara)
  4. All that is required is a fake tan of the ankle to look glowing (if you don’t mind your tanned cuffs on a naked body)
  5. And way more emphasis on your cool overly attention-seeking shoes.
  6. Trans-seasonal. these guys are coming into Spring with me



Oooo so trendy. You’re not just the average aviator woman walking down the street. These add Favour with a capital F to your outfit. I have been wearing them with everything. More so, I think I have some to the conclusion that it actually makes wearing a baggy jumper over athletic leggings kind of cool. Actually it definitely does. That person can’t be a grub. They are effortless in their presentation to the world as seen by their cool and unique 90s frames. These white frames are from Ebay. Get yourself a pair for a whopping $1.50.



This is where you will find me… putting heavy research into my Spring Favourites post for television series. For Winter I came up with this:

  • Designated Survivor is so bloody good. If you want something where the recommendation isn’t “you just have to get through the first couple of episodes and then it is good”, then this is for you. A little bit of me sulked that I can’t become President of the United States. But then again with Australia setting the trend for bi-citizen leaders, maybe I still have hope?
  • Homeland. A good watch with your partner, if you’re into romantic terrorism related watching. With a full 5 seasons and 1 more on the way, it is a commitment but one well worth it. Each season has a brand new story line so there is not a chance to get bored.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale. If you haven’t watched this then I’m a little disappointed in you. HURRY UP. The BEST tv win for the year, probably the decade. Get on SBS on demand (in Aus) and start putting your eyes to this stuff. As I did just critique earlier, it might seem a little slow in the first part of the first episode, but the ending all makes sense of it and then you’re on a roll.

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