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Colourpop Cosmetics Craziness

Hello lover. I’m glad I met you. IN COMING. Aussie girl meets American makeup brand and falls deeply in love. Happily ever after. Keep reading on to find out what happens between the beginning and the end. IMG_1614IMG_1619

It all started when I decided that Australia’s range of quality eye shadows at an affordable price was pretty limited. I then spent hours trolling the internet trying to find my next reason to purchase more makeup. Then, in comes Colourpop Cosmetics- a US brand that offers really affordable makeup, even after the exchange rate. I have spent numerous hours on Youtube watching many makeup tutorials where Colourpop Cosmetics is featured. It is always, and I mean always, positively raved about and I can tell you why.

IMG_1627IMG_1628This brown pot of goodness, below, is called Melrose Super Shock Shadow. That is actually what it is. Honestly the most pigmented shadow I have EVER used. It is creamy in feel and glides onto the lid with absolute ease. The next best bit? It doesn’t smudge once set in place. Feel free to flutter your eyelids with no worry. This product isn’t going anywhere!IMG_1633IMG_1657 copyIMG_1667 copy

Here we have some eyeshadows. You choose four and they will throw in the palette for free. Great huh? This is a collection of pressed power shadows and pigments. All retail for $5 USD but I got them on sale for $4 USD. I would also advise you to wait for a sale too, because they seem to happen weekly. I chose a transition shade, a crease darkener and two glitters for my lid. There names are Note to Self, Sea Stars, Board Shorts and Play by Play, in the photo respectively. They are pigmented, easy to blend and don’t even need a wet brush. IMG_1680 copy

Yep. Thats the highlighter. Put your finger in the pot and this will melt. Like pudding, this stuff oozes yumminess. I chose this colour due to liking a natural glowing look, and with the other tones I bought, I thought it would be safe to start here. At $8 USD you need to add it to your cart. IMG_1681 copyMoving onto our smooches, things don’t get less exciting. This was the area that I heard more reviews about. And my little brain was very pleased. I’m a sucker for a bundle pack, so that’s what I got. In my Kae Pop Bundle, I got an array of some of my favourite lipstick tones. With a hot pink in there I would be done. These are all the ultra matte liquid lipstick. They glide on and they don’t move. I found the darker shades started to wear off in my inner mouth after eating- totally expected, so bring it in your handbag for a touch up.

The Parker Matte Lippie Stix was what I was most excited about. However, whilst it is incredibly hydrating and I love the colour, I have found myself having to reapply it quite a bit throughout the day. I also need to remember to use a lip liner with it to stop it running.

Next we have the Aquarius bundle. As I said earlier, I’m a sucker for a bundle, also for nude lipstick and for anything in my star sign. What a match!!! I get so much use out of these three. Pairing it with the Aquarius lipstick I am set to go with every look. I have really enjoyed the Satin Liquid Lipstick, it still is quite matte in feel but just catches some light. However, the gloss has come at a total surprise to me. I am generally so anti gloss. I have found them tacky, short lasting and never pigmented. Boy, have these guys changed my opinion. Just look at the pigmentation on the swatch below yourself! It feels insane and actually colours the lips! Yes like all glosses, reapplication is necessary. But with this, I don’t care even a bit. IMG_7416 copyColour Pop, thank you for answering my prayers. I’m converted. You have me forever.

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