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Sex & the City Outfit Relevance

We are coming into the 20 year anniversary of Sex and the City, the best television show to ever be created. What makes it brilliant is its ability to relate to all age groups in a timeless fashion. I will be sure to make my daughter watch it.

On the topic of relevance. I wanted to break down how their outfits and what they resemble still stand for today. I’m talking themes and tribulations that stand the test of time.

So here we go…

THE COMEBACKUntitled-1-Recovered

A distraught Charlotte after a miscarriage reincarnates into an Elizabeth Taylor look alike. Never underestimate the power of getting dressed up to feel better about your situation. Charlotte finds her inspiration in her idol, and lives to see the sunlight out on 5th Ave in a fabulous pink dress. Whilst a classic ensemble, it doesn’t matter what you make of it. If dressing like Kendrick Lamar gets you out of your slump, do it.



My all time favourite. My idol. My everything. Samantha Jones is DA BOMB. I could ramble on about her forever, but in this instance ill make my short point. Her attitude about age is one we would be so lucky to mirror. She loves herself and, therefore, she flaunts it. She approaches age appropriateness in the undignified way that it deserves. AKA it serves no purpose. If you feel great in it, then wear it. If you are 3 times the age of Miley Cyrus and wear the same dress- do. Her confidence to rock what she wants is inspiring. In such a sense, that her happiness to cover herself with sushi is something that we should all embrace. As long as the wasabi stays well clear.



Miranda Hobbes. She gets it done and her dress reflected that. Put together and sending a powerful message, she dresses the way she wants to be taken. GOD DAMN SERIOUSLY. There is many an argument that she was in fact the best dressed character. She is stylishly practical, doesn’t get caught up in the trends and really just presents a kick ass front.



I have a love hate relationship with Carrie. The hate comes with my frustration in her need to bring the conversation back to her. But, oh my, my love is with her daring wardrobe. While some of it is straight down the line cool, and others simply classic, there is another category that is my favourite. That is the ‘I love it, my boyfriend won’t, but it’s called fashion’. This category is pretty much my life. The notion of wearing what makes you happy rather than the sex you’re trying to attract is so important. I wouldn’t go as far to wear the belt number across my bare belly, but that probably has way more to do with my figure. The scene where Aiden looks at her brown stringy top, questioning if she could ever wear it? That’s the stuff I’m talking about… If it makes you happy, then who the hell cares what the rest of the world thinks?

After all…giphy-2


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