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Winter Skincare Routine

Yeah it’s cold. I feel you.

I don’t know about you, but I am and always do, struggle with my skin in these colder months. My face looks dull and my entire body sucks away every bit of moisture. How divine being able to fit into a snakes habitat shedding your winter skin? Delicious.

To keep us as far away as possible from our cold blooded friends, today I thought I would share my winter skincare routine.

I’m telling you; it helps a lot!

Step 1: Water. I am absolutely going to be hypocritical here. But drink more water. I suck at it and especially when it is cold. But I’m trying and you should too. Your body will thank you.


Step 2: Make up remover. When our skin is dry and flaking, sometimes it is best to stay away from harsh products. For this reason I have been loving Garnier Micellar Water (you can buy it here). I use Garnier which also helps clear my skin. It is so gentle on the skin and eyes, and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. This stuff is MAGIC!


Step 3: Body moisturiser. In this climate our skin is dry and loves to shed. It’s especially worse with the extra layers that provide excellent rubbing material for our skin. To stop the skinny jean exfoliation, grab some body moisturiser. To moisturise and help to feel not so depressed, I have been using Bondi Sands Gradual Tanning Milkย (you can buy itย here). I love the formula as it sinks in right away and doesn’t give off a bad smell. It keeps my skin smooth, whilst adding a subtle colour that makes me feel a whole lot better about myself.

Untitled-5Step 4: Face moisturiser. A few weeks ago, dry patches starting appearing on my face. Looking like the dreaded high school pash rash it was ever so frustrating. Makeup would make it look worse and my normal light face moisturiser wasn’t doing anything. A few of my friends were finding they had similar issues with patches on their skin. I researched and apparently it is just something that happens in Winter. Serves me right for not enjoying the Northern hemisphere Summer. Anyway, I found the product that saved me. In coming, KenKay Skin Relief Sorbolene Vitamin E Creamย (you can buy itย here). It is thick and intense but fixed it within a day. I am not joking. I now use it everyday before bed and after a shower when I feel especially dry. I haven’t had any issues since.


Step 5: Brightener. Our skin reflects the brisk and depressing weather. So, I give it a little extra help. I have been using The Ordinary Alpha Arbutus 2% + HA (you can buy it here). I cannot ark on enough about this brand. Everything about it; the ethos, the formula and the price point. I’ll be writing more about it in the future but do yourself a favour in the meantime and order yourself some. It doesn’t flair up my sensitive skin as some complex serums do. However, what it really does do is brighten. I put it on and in the morning I can honestly notice a clearness to my face. It’s the stuff of magicians. It’s brilliant.

That’s it folks. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves in the cooler months. You’ll be thankful for it.

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