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Dining Out In Cambodia

Many a meal has been eaten throughout my Cambodian holiday. We have not eaten expensively by any means, but I thought I would share some yummy places that will get your taste buds drooling at any price point.

I felt like we spent a few too many nights in Siem Reap, as I found Phnom Penh a little more interesting. It was difficult to find ‘smarter’ places for dinner in Siem Reap, but I can assure you that the local family owned restaurants were every bit delicious. For this reason we actually struggled to spend more than $15 USD a night for the three of us!

Here goes for my Siem Reap foodie list…

Soup Dragon: Our lunch spot everyday. In the hustle and bustle. Clean traditional Vietnamese. Get the morning glory and a lime soda to cool down.

Khmer Family Restuarant: In the main shin-dig area. If you’re wanting an industrial chic vibe. Modern exterior but traditional food.

MR Grill: As it reads, Cambodian grill. Every type of meat served in every type of sauce is on offer. Get the pippies.

Try Me Restaurant: Small and local. If you want a white thatched chair vibe. Traditional food.

Ly Ly: For the more adventurous. Whilst the surfaces aren’t clean the food is delicious. Local and cheap.

La Rivere: Roof top bar for a cocktail. Over looks the river.

L’Annexe: Great area that I wish we discovered earlier. Go here and choose your next nights meal. Up market French. Same prices back home. Amazing for a steak.

Fifty 5 Gelato: Western. On the main drag. Open air. Good coffee and juices. Chicken papaya salad and the polenta calamari.

Keep scrolling for Phnom Penh…

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Phnom Penhย 

We would have liked more time here. There is so much history and culture. As we were driving around I kept remarking how cool each area was. In fact, I was saying this about the whole city. The city is quickly turning up market and hip places are appearing everywhere. What happens to a hipster when the bulk population already sits on milk grates?

Frizz: Local Cambodian. Family owned. Get the smoked chicken with eggplant and the orange beef salad. Cheap.

Romdeng: NGO supported restaurant. Food perhaps overrated but it is for a good cause putting impoverished children through hospitality.

The 240: For fresh western food. Vibrant surroundings and food. Wraps, sandwiches, salads and juices.

Black Bambu: Ice white modern setting. Great menu variation. Asian fusion. Share plates. Everything was delicious.

Bouchon: We went here for drinks. Up market French. Amazing setting. Great for a cocktail and olives. Looks good for a meal too.

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