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Windy Autumn Day

Autumn is arguably my favourite season in Melbourne. After a long Summer of over indulging, I much prefer being able to rug up and put some layers over my extra body layers on. It is not just that. But, I find I am able to be so much more creative in Autumn as you can tap into any seasons wardrobe depending on your mood. Below is one of my favourite outfits from the season. With the light shining and wind blowing, I decided to shoot and upload this outfit without any editing!
I picked up this white short sleeve shirt a few years ago in a boutique in Paris. It was actually my first purchase of this European trip and I stupidly walked in to the shop, bought the shirt and proceeded to walk out without thinking about any conversion rates.  Good one. Anyway, I know it isn’t everyones cup of tea. One of those items that I put on and think fashion? Yes. Boy attraction? No. But who cares when you have a top that can tie in a knot or let swing free? Unfortunately I doubt this 4 year old shirt will still be in Saint Germain, so I have set you up with some similar options here.
This pants are everything you need in life. Stylish comfort. These culottes are brand new in store at Zara. With many different stripe options, I’m more than tempted to head back for some other colours. They are so comfortable, and if you’re someone like me with short legs, then the vertical stripes will be your best friend. Scratch that. Vertical stripes are everyones friend. Maybe the only thing placed on an item of clothing that is flattering for the entire population? I think I’m onto something here. Anyway, whilst Zara makes it impossible to set up links through to their products, either nab them in store or buy some very similar options  here.

There really isn’t anything better than a pair of ankle embroidered boots. You can see a recent article on my autumn shoe staples here. While it may appear like a lot for the eye. I personally think the more clashing prints the better, as long as they have the same colour base. In this case, navy flowers and navy stripes? Done deal. As I am well aware that you will have a different pair of pants you might want to wear, I have added some ankle boots that might suit you here.


For an extra layer, this sleeveless camel leather coat is perfect. I love this as an extra layering piece. This one is actually from Mango. I find that their overseas stores are so good for finding really affordable leather pieces. This one is no exception. For some similar options across a range of prices, click through.


Otherwise, for a more dressed up or night time look, throw on a leather jacket. My favourite thing to do, as pictured above, is to tuck my hair into the jacket. Not only is this perfect in the windy conditions, but it just helps to hold my hair up and add some shape around my face. This jacket is from a brand in London called Hyde Park Leather. See similar here.


Do you have a go to Autumn outfit?


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