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City of Angels: LA Guide



If you don’t like orange, then move right along. In fact, get yourself checked. In my opinion, orange is the best colour to ever exist. If you have been here, you will understand how happy the West Hollywood Mondrian Hotel made me. Uber luxe in finish, this white on orange hotel is where dreams are made of. I am not even kidding when I tell you that a huge rotating orange ‘Alice in Wonderland looking glass’ in the middle of the suite, turns into a TV- just in case you ever need a lie-down to watch your sedentary lifestyle dreams. Never has lazing about felt and looked so good!

West Hollywood is a great neighbourhood to stay in if you’re in LA. The views are great, and it is very Uber accessible (depending on the traffic obviously- it is LA). But mostly, it has a great mix of restaurants and shops and culture for you to dabble in.

For food, let us talk about the Mondrian again. The Sky Bar is everything you need if you’re looking for some fairy light pool side glamour. Sipping on your cocktails with a belly full of steak and fries, you might just spot a celeb lounging on a deck chair next to you.


Tourist 101. When in LA you MUST get a photo of those palms. Towering over the highly professional ‘green’ doctors, it sure is a scene to see. You don’t need to spend too much time here, but if you’re dying for your typical  American diner meal, then park yourself in a beach front booth and watch the world go by. For everything weird and wacky, or a pair of mirror lens sunglasses- this is your place.


By far my favourite area, sing the song ‘Downtown’ and move yourself here. We started off the day at LA Chapters for some morning sustenance. Stepping into a Gatsby Deco-esque building sure does make for an interesting change on the over popular wood as plate, jar as glass, breakfast. I suggest you order yourself some eggs benedict and ricotta pancakes to make yourself happy.

From here you should walk to the flower market. If you are allergy free, oh and like flowers; then this is your heaven. Rows and rows of instagrammable back drops, only make you weep at the discounted prices. Let your mind jump between beauty and depression when you realise you can’t fly back to Australia with these orchids for a fraction of the price.

Now you are only a short walk away from the fashion district. If you want high end, then go elsewhere. Because this is a place of real wholesale personality. Fur draps on every street corner and gold bangles are up to your ears. However, the holy grail of this place is Santee Alley. Step one foot inside and you have instantly left LA. No english to be heard, just a culture of Latino families who have set up shop. Whilst you will need to sort through the fakes of Kylie Lip Kits and Beats earphones, this place is packed full of personality. Spend a day downtown and you will be feeling like you’re friends with Bruno and Mark Ronson on departure.


Up there with my favourite areas. Whilst technically in the Venice suburb, this place is a world away from the beach-front tourist destination. A mixture of high priced boutiques and brilliant vintage finds, this place needs a full afternoon date with you. Whilst everything is quirky (like these over-priced, and therefore not so quirky, places are)- I loved it.

My biggest recommendation for a spot to eat is Green Leaf. Get on that healthy train and order the lunch of a Instagram famous ‘fitspo’ influencer’s dreams. An array of bits and pieces to customise your bread, lettuce or grain, sure will make your tum happy. Change your American tourist holiday diet, and head here for that desired refresh. Did I mention the fresh juice?

THE GROVE IMG_0127IMG_0087IMG_0079Processed with VSCO with s2 presetIMG_0073IMG_0016IMG_0013IMG_9978

The Grove is a place where someone like me gets overly excited, palpitations growing stronger and faster as you don’t know where to attack first. I suggest you start with the famous Farmers Market. Head here early before the good stuff sells out. By good stuff I mean a cappuccino in a choc chip biscuit. Or a gluten free cream filled cookie sandwich. I guess if you’re less sweet inclined, the fruit cups looked good too…

Once you have conquered the market head open to the magical place where you can do nothing but shop. Appearing like an old town centre, with tram tracks running through, it is all your credit card could want. Everything you want/need (same thing right?) can be found here.

To give your legs a break there are plenty of places to park yourself and fill your bellies again. I suggest Bar Verde in Nordstrom for some of the salads pictured above.

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