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Autumn Lip Trends

Hello pals! Today I wanted to share with you another beauty trend for this season. Autumn is my favourite month here in Australia. The skies are a cloudless blue, but we are able to start rugging up a little more. Whilst you still might have a glow from Summer, introducing brown neutrals into your beauty routine is so seasonally flattering. Below I’m sharing with you four different shades of browny/orangey/neutrally (whatever you want to call it) shades.


Dark Brown

First up we have the dark brown trend. I am wearing Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in True Brown K. Grab it when you can here. This is perhaps the most intimidating colour as it is so dark. As you can see in the photos by keeping the rest of my makeup very minimal, it doesn’t actually appear that gothic. However, if that is the look you’re going for then stack on the eyeliner!


Burnt Orange

I have a serious orange lip obsession. Every shade I want to wear. This is the perfect alternative for Autumn. It is honestly not one that I normally reach for as I struggle to step away from a brighter shade, but I am so happy with this outcome. I am wearing The Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip Kit in the shade 22. Buy it when a new shipment drops here. How perfect and complementary you will all look standing amongst the burnt Autumn leaves!



This is maybe my favourite. Shocker. Anything glitzy and my eyes light up. Here I am wearing the brand Focallure in the shade 20 Flitter. You can shop it here. I love this consistency! It is so smooth and light weight. A shade like this stops being just a lipstick and starts becoming a accessory to any outfit. I’m obsessed…


Mid Brown

Just like the classic brown leather boot, this colour is a classic. Bring the colour that dominated the 90’s to your lip collection in a new modern way. Here I am wearing the brand Popfeel in the shade LA 11. You can shop them here. I have a lot of this brands liquid lipsticks and really rate the consistency of them all. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a more affordable cosmetics brand.

Let me know your thoughts on this beauty post and what you might like to see next!

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