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Mexico Mirage

It is a perfect coincidence that Aztec fashion has been making its way on the scene recently. Never have I been so inspired to dress according to my surroundings and the lifestyle. In Mexico I have not been able to stop myself from buying these beautiful creations. I have made an effort to support the locals, by buying hand crafted embroidery. It truly makes you feel right at home in the culture. These pictures are a collection of the pieces that I bought whilst on vacation.

img_9020 img_9297 img_8996 img_8988 img_8990

Whilst these have been purchased in markets and from street stalls, I have chosen a collection of similar products that will hopefully transport you into this relaxed and eased state of mind.


From left to right:

Asos Aztec Sundress With Cold Shoulder Detail • Asos • $69

Lack of Color Womens SPENCER WIDE BRIM BOATER • US$78

Asos One Shoulder Sundress With Aztec Trims And Pom Poms • Asos • $63

The Aviator • Rubi Shoes • $5

Rebecca Minkoff Meads Embroidered Silk Dress • Rebecca Minkoff • $349.15

Tomas Maier tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses • Tomas Maier • $297.99

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