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Progreso Seafood Dreams

Not that Merida needs any escape, but on one afternoon we drove 40 minutes to the coastal town of Progreso. A straight forward drive had us arrive at the north west of the Gulf of Mexico. This had loads of character, imagine Leo DiCaprio; Romeo and Juliet.

Whilst bathers had been packed, as predicted it was very windy. I would check this if you’re planning on lounging on the sand all day. However, the food was worth the trip!

The beach road is lined with various restaurants, all specialising in seafood for us lovers! All varying in different levels of smartest, shacks, others with pools and modern. All of these looked delicious no matter what your budget is.

img_7688img_7701img_7808img_7809img_7811img_7812img_7813img_7815img_7816We settled on Crabster Seafood & Grill. This was one of the most modern looking buildings. However, its charm was that you could sit across the road on the beach, dining with thatched umbrellas and plastic chairs. Ideal in my books!! (There was also many other restaurants that had this option too).

Whilst the language barrier was in evidence, once sorted, our miscommunications of orders our food arrived. Delicious seafood was on everyone’s plates! The grilled octopus with fresh lime wedges, the crabby burger and fish tacos were ordered. All were raved about. Oh but be aware, the pre food complimentary salsa was tried and cried… literally. Only for the extreme spice fanatics!!

This meal was definitely worth our afternoon road trip!

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